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For vehicular and asset GPS tracking, Fourteen-Forty-GPS offers online software solutions from Laxson GPS. For a small monthly fee you’ll have access to an online dashboard/portal that give you real time monitoring of your GPS devices.

Is your GPS solution future proof and compliant?

There are many GPS solutions in the marketplace but Laxson GPS offers a comprehensive Dashboard Portal with features that ensure your compliance with cross-border reporting. As governments increase scrutiny and reporting requirements, Laxson GPS has a suite of reporting options as well as the ability to export your reports and data to popular file formats for sharing and archiving.

Laxson GPS is the ultimate solution for intelligent GPS tracking and fleet management. Companies from all over the world choose Laxson GPS since it utilizes a powerful set of technologies to keep customers aware of vehicle metrics like technical statuses, driver habits and behaviors, logistical data and more.

GPS reporting to PDF, Excel


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