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LOLA S-911 Personal GPS Tracker for Senior & Employee Safety


The S-911 Lola is the world’s smallest GPS Locating Device with voice communication. This small GPS locator is ideal for autistic children, special operations, a family or friend with a cognitive disorder, tracking a pet, or any vehicle/asset.

Real-time locations are tracked with a powerful web-based system that can be viewed from any computer or capable mobile device. Additional options are available in the system such as automated alerting via e-mail/cell phone, geo-fence boundaries, a variety of reports, and more.



Establish a designated perimeter for the device and receive enter/exit alerts if it is crossed. The alerts can be sent by text, e-mail, or to the system’s web dashboard.

Real-Time Location

You may log into the web platform and ping the current real-time GPS location.


The device can send automated alerts in a text message, an e-mail, or flagging a system alert on the web. Alerts include geo-fence boundary crossing, g-shock, speeding, and more.


During a fall or other impact (between 1-5g’s, the S-911 Lola can send an alert via text, e-mail, or system alert. However this feature can be disabled for those without use for it.

Water/Splash Resistant

The device has a waterproof enclosure available to protect it from the elements.

LOLA S-911 Personal GPS Tracker For Seniors, Pets & Vehicles
Personal GPS Tracker For Seniors

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