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Personal GPS Tracking

Fourteen-Forty-GPS sells and leases the LOLA S-911 Personal Emergency Locator, the smallest and best solution for tracking, monitoring and communicating with people. Whether you want to keep your loved ones safe or protect employees working alone, Fourteen-Forty-GPS has a personal GPS solution that’s right for you.

LOLA S-911 Personal Emergency Locator

The S-911 Lola is the world’s smallest GPS Locating Device with voice communication. This small GPS locator is ideal for autistic children, special operations, a family or friend with a cognitive disorder, tracking a pet, or any vehicle/asset.

Real-time locations are tracked with a powerful web-based system that can be viewed from any computer or capable mobile device. Additional options are available in the system such as automated alerting via e-mail/cell phone, geo-fence boundaries, a variety of reports, and more.


  • Virtual Boundaries

  • Instant Locate

  • Live Monitoring

  • Last location history

  • Fall alert

  • Call the device

  • 2 Way calling

  • Battery monitor

  • Volume Control

LOLA Personal GPS Sytem

Multiple Uses For Protecting Employees & Those You Love


Our professional GPRS Personal tracking solutions are ideally suited for nursing homes and similar facilities where patients or residents may be functionally impaired but mobile. At-risk patients and residents can be equipped with the device. In the event that a patient or resident strays outside the residence, staff will be immediately alerted and patients or residents can be instantly located. As a monitoring alarm company you may now provide this additional services 24/7 and offer your customers the assistance they need.


Family members and caregivers of elderly, special needs or persons suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, dementia (or other functional impairments) face varied and difficult challenges.

Providing adequate care and supervision is often complicated by other family responsibilities and/or work obligations that can significantly increase worry and anxiety.


Many occupations (line persons and other hydro workers, general contractors, road workers, etc.) sometimes find themselves working alone or situations that are less than safe. In the event of a mishap, the “Help Me!” button can provide a trapped, injured, or partially incapacitated worker the means to easily and immediately call for help . . . at the touch of a single button. Responders will know the worker’s exact location, be able to monitor or communicate with him/her, and be able to react immediately and appropriately.


For parents, leaving their young child in the care of others can be a difficult and anxious experience. Many will go to great lengths to satisfy themselves that babysitters, day care centers, and other caregivers are qualified and capable of providing the best care before considering trusting them with their children.

The System represents an added level of supervision and security to the procedures and process employed by the best non-parental child care providers and significantly lessens the stress and anxiety of parents choosing caregivers. Parents can be assured that their children are receiving the absolute best supervision possible.

LOLA Lone Worker GPS Tracker

Protect The Ones You Love

LOLA Lone Worker GPS Tracker

Ideal Safety & Security For Lone Workers!

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