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AX7 Plug & Play Vehicle Tracking

Do you need a simple plug-and-play GPS tracking solution for car rental, fleet management, and teenage driver tracking or usage based insurance?

The AX7 from Fourteen-Forty-GPS is the ideal solution to track any vehicle with a common OBDII port.

AX7 is a vehicular telematics unit that easily plugs into a vehicle’s OBDII port. The AX7 supports various cellular network protocols, which makes it compatible with world-wide network operators.

Ideal for:

  • Cars, Pickups, Minivans, Cube Vans

  • Small Fleet Management

  • Insurance Companies

  • New Driver Tracking

  • Car Rental


  • Flexible wireless network options

  • Small and easy plug-and-play installation

  • Ultra low current consumption in deep sleep mode

  • Data communication by SMS/USSD/TCP/UDP

  • High GPS sensitivity with A-GPS support

  • GSM jamming detection

  • Built-in 3-axis G-sensor

  • FOTA firmware upgrade using FTP

  • Configurable Real Time Tracking & Logging

  • 32 user defined geofences

  • Build-in buzzer for configurable event

  • Roaming preference settings

  • Harsh driving behavior events

  • Configurable power management

  • OBDII data collection

  • Fuel economy calculation

  • User defined OBDII event transmission

  • OBDII Diagnostic trouble code reporting

  • Intelligent event control engine

Transferable from one vehicle to another
Easy & Quick installation

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