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Vehicle/Fleet/Asset GPS Tracking

Using vehicle and fleet tracking for your business will help you improve your bottom line and keep your assets and drivers safe.

Whether you’re lowering fuel consumption by improving efficiencies or following trucks and drivers to ensure personal and asset safety, Fourteen-Forty-GPS offer turn-key solutions for any business owner looking to better manage their fixed or mobile assets and employees.

We know that your priority is keeping your operators and assets safe. Our global tracking solutions uses the secure and reliable Iridium global satellite network, eliminating any concerns about coverage in remote areas.

Whether you are monitoring across the neighbourhood, city, country or globe, we have the right solutions to deliver lower operating costs and peace-of-mind.

Fourteen Forty GPS Hardware Solutions:

AX7 Plug & Play Vehicle Tracking

AS1 GPS Asset & Trailer Tracker

AL7 Fleet, Car & Motorcycle GPS Tracking

GPS Software Solutions 

Laxson GPS

Multiple Tracking Applications

  • Fleet vehicles

  • Trailers

  • Assets & high value

  • Cargo

  • Heavy equipment

  • Motorcycles

  • Boats & VTT

Vehicle/Fleet Tracking GPS


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